New Rubberstamp App features

We’re always working towards an even better PO app and to improve our user’s experience. Watch this space for info on new updates.

October 2016

Filter Results

Navigate to the “Purchase Orders” page. From here you can filter results by “Budgets”, “Suppliers” and “Requesters”.

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Marketing – Bending All The Rules.

marketing procuremnt-01Who doesn’t like great marketing? I love the passion of it, the ways in which people come up with clever ideas to make us laugh or think, or even point out something so historically obvious that we think we should have thought of that ourselves. It can’t be an easy thing to continuously try and innovate new ideas and push the boundaries so far, especially when exactly that has been a constant for such a significant amount of time. Continue Reading

Market Like a Butterfly, Spend Like a Bee

butterfly and bee2-01With competition upping their game every single day, you have to run more and more projects together to be able to compete, thus controlling finances has become one of the most important aspects of any business. What good is any idea (that could possibly be worth millions) if money is allowed to enter and exit unchecked? When a company has employees who spend company money, it can be no surprise to find that money may (just possibly) disappear. This can obviously cause a lot of frustration for the CEO who’s company is losing money that could have been invested. With technology cutting through the blurred lines of disappearing money, it has become easier for you to keep track of money going in and out of the company, and have complete control in order to move forward. Continue Reading