Geek Develops Incredible Software To Help Start-up’s Boom

Does your start-up have spend control?


“Money is like gasoline during a road trip. You don’t want to run out of gas on your trip, but you’re not doing a tour of gas stations.” – Tim O’Reilly, O’Reilly Media founder, and CEO

Any person with an IQ knows that starting your own business is like signing up to be a bull rider. There are a lot of aspects to be weighed up before even deciding to go ahead and ride the bull.

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Is a Purchase Order the same as a Delivery Order (Is that a real question)?


If you have never been part of the purchasing process, chances are you won’t know what a purchase order is or what a delivery order is. As a matter of fact, you probably won’t know that these 2 have nothing to do with each other. So, you might ask, “what are they?”

On the universal quote that “no question is a stupid question” I’d be glad to elaborate on this subject for you.

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How Purchase Orders Are Helpful On Construction Sites

How to make your Construction Project an Effective, Working ProcessA lot of effort goes into planning a construction site. Just ask any construction CFO that has to submit analysis, projections and plans months before the project even commences. It’s no wonder the CFO is nicknamed Ruler of Results.

Not only is there a lot of planning that goes into the construction site before the project starts but there are also unforeseen pitfalls that occur after the construction site is bustling with work. For a construction CFO or project manager who is already on edge by having all their balls in the air, even the slightest thing going wrong would be too much to handle.

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Anyone Know What Types Of Purchase Orders There Are?

type of PO

Why do I need to waste time on purchase orders! Why are there different ones to choose from?

A purchase order includes the details of the product you or your company need. It is filled out by the person in charge of purchasing who then authorizes the purchasing of goods and sends it to the supplier, so they know what is needed.

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Construction Site Fails


Construction Site failsThere is never really a 100 percent guarantee that your projects will run smoothly. Construction businesses build reputations around their ability to create strong, reliable structures that stand the test of time. Because of this very important distinct fact, precautions and all the involved factors need to be taken into account before planning your project. Construction business owners are constantly assessing on-the-job risks, but it’s critical for them to keep an eye on the common issues that bankrupt their peers.

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