The End Of Wasted Spend is a simple purchase order solution.

Protect budgets against wasted spend. Puts you in control.
So simple, even technophobes love it.
Streamline your purchasing process. Recorded discussions from request to pay.
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Streamline your purchasing process.
Protect budgets against wasted spend.
Pay your vendors on time.
Save the forests, go paperless.

"The sheer simplicity of the Rubberstamp system has improved the workflow process saving the team countless hours."

Colette Harte, Financial Controller
photo of Colette Harte, financial controller at Unicef


Time Saving

  • Same day implementation.
  • Intuitive, no training required.
  • 1 click approvals.

Award Winning Support

  • 24h support.
  • Concierge service available.
  • Bespoke development services.


  • Customizable PDF.
  • Tailored reports.
  • Approval rules.


Remember the great gap in the financing software market of 2014? Rubberstamp was built in response to that. The aim was to create a bespoke solution for managing purchases within an organisation.
Enter: - a generic, customizable solution that works well for most companies.

This all happened in Dublin with co-founders James Kennedy and Richard Greenane at the reins. Now with offices in Dublin and South Africa, we are a diverse bunch of spend control freaks dedicated to your company's financial success.

Here's how it works

4 steps to simplify your purchase order process

Purchase order process: Step 1

Setup budgets & invite colleagues

Purchase order process: Step 2

Employees submit purchase orders

Purchase order process: Step 3

Managers get notified

Purchase order process: Step 4

Reports available for review online


“We manage a large number of video productions at any one time. Using I can instantly see what our costs were in real time rather than waiting for the bookkeepers report at the end of the following month. Because it is much simpler than alternate solutions out there, it means that my team actually use the app which in turn means the figures are accurate.”

Priscilla Groves
Ruler at

“Having a team with users at different levels, this program is perfect! Easy to understand and use. Access and use it from anywhere makes it very effcient. I like the recent changes to include more fields for the supplier! This eliminates having to maintain a contact list on the drive for everyone. They are great and are always there to answer questions and help.”

Tricia Napolitano
Director of Accounting & Administration
Thomas Mountain Ranch LLC

“We have found this software a valuable asset when organizing our purchase order system. The web-based system provides for easy access for users. The web-hosted infrastructure means that I don’t have to support another applicaton locally. The support for the product has been great, with quick answers and bug fixes. A great product.”

Micheal Saffell
Assistant Director of Engineering

"Pros: Controling - just been able to limit access and restrict budgets. - easy to use and set up, all of the users found this easy to navigate. It is a follow you nose system. Cons: No issues were found during our event."

Brendan Herries
Relationship Associate

"Love how easy it is to use. We love simple and quick. It's helping us capture each purchase and have it approved before ordered. We're so much more organized already!"

Laurie Boston, Receptionist
Gravitational Marketing

“We use as a PO request/approval system. Since implementing, we have effectively eliminated any unapproved purchases by various team members and across multiple locations.”

Corbin Bourree, Managing Director
Sustainable Produce Urban Delivery

“The software is working quite well. Both staff and mangement like the software. I love the flexability and ease of use of the software.”

Jerry Crute, Controller
Cesar Chavez Charter Schools

“Rubberstamp has freed up my time while allowing my staff to get approval for the resources they need faster than was possible before.”

Kieran O’Brien, Deputy CEO

"It has made the art form that is the PO a lot easier. It really is a pleasure to use rather than trying to use excel or other solutions."

Alex Crook, Geophysical Engineer

"We have been using Rubberstamp for a couple of months and our team find it very user friendly . I find it very easy to track spend across budgets and departments. Pros: Ease of use and prompt responses from customer support."

Pamela Tierney-Wigg, Financial Controller
Ground Control Productions

“This PO software is much more user friendly than prior PO management options I have used in the past. There was little to no ‘learning curve’ to understanding how to use it effectively and it is great to be able to go and back easily see historical PO’s. Efficient and reliable software.”

Loren Churness, Staff Accountant
Buechal Stone Corp

“My team need to make PO requests when I'm away. Our paper based system takes days for me to see the PO and sign off. Rubberstamp, allows me to approve PO's while on the road. Our bookkeeper gets records of everything, and I an instant view of the budgets. Simple, we setup our entire team and were up and running in a few minutes. Fast, 1 click approval or rejections to any PO is fantastic."

Oisin Kim, Founder
Amach Software

“We used to use an Excel doc, and it could take two weeks to process a purchase order. Sometimes the purchase order didn’t make it to accounting in time. But with Rubberstamp, we process purchase orders the same-day, and we know that deliveries will happen on time.”

Erik Zamora
Systems/Financial Analyst
Boys & Girls Clubs of Monterey County

"I was searching for a PO system that was simple, easy to learn and use. Rubberstamp does just that. Customer service is great! I live in the U.S. but someone responds to my questions quickly and thoroughly. My only suggestion is an app so my staff can use Rubberstamp on their iPads or iPhones."

Hannah Mulligan
President of Operations
Animal World & Snake Farm Zoo

“We all do our PO requests through Rubberstamp, and as a green company it’s important to save on paper - with Rubberstamp we are able to track everything to the day, store our PO’s electronically, access them from anywhere, and save time and money”.

Jaron Mader, Lead Graphic Designer
Sustainable Produce Urban Delivery

“So so easy to use!!! James will work with you if you find something that you think it could use to make it's use easier. What I loved was how long a demo took when I was looking for a software for purchasing. The demo took 5 minutes! That's exactely how long it should take when it's made so easy to use. Love it!”

Yvonne Wong
Assistant Director of Operations
Gravitational Marketing

“ recieve live ‘to the minute’ feedback on actual versus budget spend rather than waiting a week or 2 for monthly reports. They have this information at the point of purchase which improves decision making.”

Micheal Gilbert, CFO
North Queensland Toyota Cowboys

"I recieved a call from the company within minutes of signing up for the trial, a record in my 20+ year career. The software does what it says on the box and is very user friendly, couldn't recommend highly enough if you are looking for a simple PO solution to replace paper based PO's."

Andrew Longhurst, Director of ICT
St Luke's Grammer School

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